Brighton & Hove French Circle

  Friday 14, May 2021
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  It is about a “living reading” as we speak about “living theatre”. Diverse techniques are needed to read aloud which allows you to become one with the text, to understand its meaning and to pass on it. Reading Aloud is, therefore, another way to approach the writing, to find out different rhythms, prosody, phonetics…

Generally speaking, Reading Aloud aims to read for other people: whether it be in public, with family, between friends, for teenagers, children or babies, for those who are learning a foreign language…

Reading Aloud can ask some questions : why? What is it for? For who? How to do?... Thus, in trying to answer generally and in giving some practical examples, we will be able to tackle this subject, which can attract book or poetry or texts of all kinds lovers, and why not, those who pass by there by chance.